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Aspera and Suga:

Aspera Brauerei Riese GmbH produces high-quality basic and processed products for the food and beverage industries worldwide. Our products are used in beers, alcohol-free beverages, spirits, dairy products, sweets, baked goods, cereals and other foods and beverages. Aspera and Suga -are more than just roasted malt beer and caramel. Aspera encompasses all products manufactured using malted grain. Alongside roasted malt beers, these include malt extracts and beer concentrates. Suga includes sugar products such as caramel, caramelised and non-caramelised brewing syrups, liquid sucrose and glucose as well as blended syrups, into which crystalline products can also be incorporated.
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Certified Quality under hand and seal

Our Aspera and Suga products are certified to the most demanding international quality standards. Below you can find downloadable copies of our certifications.

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